Guide On How To Make The Most From Business Directories

When many people hear of business directories they picture the traditional large books stuffed with names and contacts of businesses. This is not the case. With the coming of internet, there are many professional online directories where you can list your business. Do you want to make the most from these directories? Here are tips that you should consider:

List on prominent directories

While there are many directories on the market, be cautious of the ones that you use. To avoid hurting your business and ranking, avoid poor quality, spammy sites. The directory that you use should be of high ranking, and relate to your business and geographic area.

Give accurate information

You can’t imagine how many businesses have the wrong information on online directories. This is caused by carelessness and ignorance. While most of the business owners post the correct information on their sites, most of them forget updating it when they change their addresses or move to other locations.

To make the most of the directories you need to ensure that all the information on your profile is correct. Also ensure that you list your business in the correct category.

Integrate social media

While only a few directories will allow you to do it, you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity when you come across it. When you integrate your social media profile to the directory you not only make it easy for potential customers to find your social media page, you also make it easy for the customers to connect with you.

List your site on Google+

In addition to listing your business on the local directories, also list the business on Google+. This is a social media platform owned by Google. Studies show that businesses listed on the platform rank better than those that aren’t. To avoid confusion, ensure that the details you give on the directories are similar to the ones that you use on Google+.

Mix directory listing with SEO

While listing your business on your local directory increases your chances of ranking high in the search results, mixing a little bit of SEO further boosts your rankings. You should create great content, get quality backlinks and regularly share your content and you will be on your way to the top.


These are tips on how to make the most from listing your business on directories. As mentioned, only consider listing your business on the most reputable directories in your area.

Local SEO Is More Than Listing Your Business In A Local Directory

It’s important for businesses that want to rank locally in search engines to pay attention to local SEO techniques. You may not be aware of all the things that need to be done in order for you to dominate search engines locally. And beyond getting website rankings, you’ll want to get actual results from your traffic as well. Optimising your website and your overall online presence for your geographical area is a great way to get your website seen by your desired audience. But is your site optimised enough for local SEO? And, will those efforts bring you results that translates into sales?

Can SEO companies help you rank locally?

Many so-called SEO providers continue to think that doing local SEO is simply achieved by placing their clients in a handful of local directories and auto submitting their websites to a hundred search engines. This isn’t enough.

Google now uses much more intelligent ranking systems than times gone by and many SEO providers are not staying on the cutting edge and advising their clients correctly. Does your website appear on search engines for the right phrases and within the first few listings? Does your traffic continually climb with your bounce rate continually declining? Are your sales increasing month after month from your internet marketing efforts? If not, it might be time to look at a more integrated local SEO approach.

Content strategies, social media alignment, syndication processes, RSS, as well as many other processes are now required to take home the local SEO bacon. Don’t fall victim to thousands of dollars invested to be only achieving step 1 & 2 of SEO and no phone calls, sales, or business leads generated. Make your SEO provider accountable before you sign the dotted line!

Converting Local Traffic

Depending on your niche, beyond getting noticed by search engines and the surfers that use them, the focus on local results may mean that your customers are seeing more of your competitors in the search engine results pages. For this reason, optimisation isn’t the only thing you’ll want to focus on. You’ll also want to find ways to ensure you convert as many visitors into leads as possible.

Does Your SEO Company Truly Understand Local SEO?

Look for an SEO company that keeps their fingers on the pulse of the SEO industry so they can continually provide their clients with strategies and information that works. They can help you get listed locally and help you turn your website into a lead generation tool. Want help? Contact an SEO expert/specialist and ask some help.

How To Reach a Young and Local Market Online: 3 Online Sites You Must List Your Business With

Young users make big use of their cellphones indicating that they utilize it for everything from playing games to looking for the best bar or tavern in their location. They even shop and surf while they are on their smart phones. That attests to the fact that securing a presence on local marketing search engines is a perfect method to insert yourself directly in the path of this lucrative market.

Here are 3 top services you need to list your business with and make a part of your local marketing strategy.

Yahoo Local

Yahoo local is simple to get listed with and you may presently be listed if your small business has a yellow pages ad. Yahoo local pulls their info from the same organization that builds phone directories. Still, you ‘ll need to be sure you are listed properly. If you are not listed with Yahoo local, just pay a visit to their web site and submit your small business.

To make your listing have more weight and significance with young users, ask associates, family, associates and customers to compose reviews about your business organization. Companies with very good reviews are given more recognition, traffic and customers. You can have a contest with your subscribers and customers that each person who evaluates your establishment gets entered into a sweepstakes. You can also submit pictures of your organization and of course a back link to your blog or website.


Merchant Circle is a web site committed to hooking up small businesses to their local customers. As soon as you join merchant circle, and it is free, you’re ready to add pictures, establish a weblog, generate discount vouchers and bulletins, and connect with other suppliers, not to mention situating yourself right in the pathway of prospective clients. Merchant circle, and yahoo also generate links to your web site, which increases your search engine position. Advertise on these local websites and you will likely get valuable customer referrals.


Insider Pages works much like Merchant Circle and Yahoo local. You can list your establishment free of charge, get reviews from clients so you stand out when people are looking for your business products or services and you can distribute pictures of your company, links to your web site and advertise. Furthermore it develops your search engine position.

Since getting listed with these websites is free and because they help increase your search engine ranking, awareness, exposure and viewers they are a terrific tool to advertise your business. When it pertains to reaching and marketing to a more youthful market, generally your best technique is to just put yourself where they socialize. As more and more individuals use their mobile phones to help them navigate through the world, they’re jumping to these local listings to locate where they should shop, where they should eat and who they collaborate with. Get listed right now and start increasing your revenues.